Welcome to the hidden gem of Japan, Yokote City in Akita Prefecture.

    Located in one of Japan's heaviest snowfall areas, Yokote City is a place of striking seasonal contrasts.

    In winter, it transforms into a landscape enveloped in pristine white snow.

    As spring arrives with the melting snow, a world of pastel colors emerges.

    Summer brings mistveiled lush greenery,

    while autumn adorns the mountains with vibrant reds and yellows.

    The enjoyment of the richly colorful four seasons is made possible thanks to the snow that accumulates to more than one's height.

    Additionally, this snow gives birth to a fertile land.

    The rice, vegetables, and fruits produced from this fertile soil are of the highest quality.

    You can enjoy such a nature-blessed resort just a one-minute walk from the station.

    The Plaza Group offers three hotels in front of Yokote Station in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture.

    Our hotels feature natural onsens and rock baths using Tamagawa hot spring stones.

    It's a space where you can relax from the heart.

    Please choose according to your needs.


    The Plaza Group offers multiple natural onsens, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of hot spring experiences.
    There is also a unique rock bath that uses Hokutolite from Tamagawa Onsen, a rare mineral found only in two places in the world.

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    Photos of Hot Springs
    Photos of Hot Springs
    Photos of Hot Springs
    Photos of Hot Springs


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    You can discover the beauty of Akita, which shines in every season.

    • 2024.02

      The Yokote Snow Festival is ...


    Plaza Group is preparing 3 hotels around JR Yokote station in Yokote-shi, Akita prefecture.
    Please choose according to your needs.

    Photo of hotel exterior

    A sober and healing hotel

    Limited availability of 8 guest rooms with free flowing hot spring open-air baths.

    Providing those clients on business with a stay one rank above the rest.

    Room Photos
    Private Open-Air Bath Room
    Room Photos
    Single Room
    Room Photos
    Universal Twin Room
    For room details & reservations, click here.
    Photo of hotel exterior

    A relaxing space that makes for precious memories of your trip.

    Quality time to liberate your heart and body after thoroughly

    enjoying sightseeing.

    Room Photos
    Suite(Japanese style)
    Room Photos
    Suite(Westem style)
    Room Photos
    15-Tatami Mat Japanese Style Room
    For room details & reservations, click here.
    Photo of hotel exterior

    1 minute on foot from Yokote Station.

    Urban style hotel with high functionality.

    Catering to all your needs,it makes the perfect base for business and sightseeing.

    Room Photos
    Single Room
    Room Photos
    Twin Room
    Room Photos
    Capsule Hotel
    For room details & reservations, click here.


    Photos of food and drinks

    At Hotel Plaza Annex Yokote and Hotel Plaza Welcome, we offer plans that include two meals and allow you to dine leisurely in private rooms.

    Enjoy a luxurious journey with our highest quality cuisine "Supreme Kaiseki," featuring seasonal premium ingredients and the chef's exquisite skills.

    Furthermore, you can also enjoy pairing with the rare Akita local sake "ARAMASA NO.6."

    ※The menu changes with each season.

    Plaza Group's Five restaurant

    Plaza Group offers five restaurant, ranging from Japanese to Western cuisine.

    Catchphrase forJapanese Dining Karan

    Japanese Dining Karan

    A restaurant showcasing professional skills in authentic Japanese cuisine and soba.

    Catchphrase forAfter Bath BAR

    After Bath BAR

    A place for local sake and beef tongue.

    Catchphrase forSky Restaurant Cosmos

    Sky Restaurant Cosmos

    Delicious pasta and pizza with tasty sauces.

    Catchphrase forSake Place Karin

    Sake Place Karin

    A unique space for delicious snacks and sake.

    Catchphrase forTorikyu


    A cozy spot with just over a dozen seats, offering Hinai chicken and local sake.


    Image of breakfast

    Private Open-Air Bath Rooms at Hotel Plaza Annex Yokote and Japanese Breakfast Exclusive to Hotel Plaza Welcome Guests

    Image of breakfast

    Hotel Plaza Annex Yokote Buffet

    Image of breakfast

    Yokote Plaza Hotel Japanese Set Meal

    Illustration of Akita Prefecture's map


    By Air

    • Akita Airport
    • 65min from Tokyo/Haneda(JAL/ANA)
    • 55min from Hokkaido/Shin-Chitose(JAL/ANA)
    • 85min from Nagoya/Chubu international(ANA)
    • 80min from Osaka/Itami (JAL/ANA)

    By Ferry

    By Express Bus

    • 8h30min from Tokyo(Shinjuku)

    By Car

    Illustration of Akita Prefecture's map